Tech Tips

Don't get scammed
We have had numerous inquiries about receiving phone calls from large companies such as Apple, Microsoft or Yahoo. These companies will never contact you by phone regarding the security of your computer.
If you are getting pop ups that tell you to contact tech support, they are a scam and may be a sign of installed malware or adware.
If someone is trying to gain access to your computer or your financial information, end the conversation before giving any additional details.
There is a helpful link from the Federal Trade Commission below.

Power Down Your Machine
Computers are designed to run without issue for very long amounts of time. With that being said it is recommended to power cycle your computer every once in a while. Restarting a computer can fix many issues and is recommended as a first step if you are experiencing problems.

Back Up Your Data
Computers are expensive, but your data is priceless. It is important to make a copy of your data on an external storage device at regular intervals. All Apple computers come with a program called "Time Machine" designed to help you make protecting your data easy.

Monitor Your Storage
It is important to keep track of how much storage you are utilizing on your computer. The performance of the storage device can decrease as it becomes more filled up. For optimum performance it is recommended to not utilize greater than 75%-80% capacity of the storage device. Hard drives that are completely filled up with data have a much higher chance of data corruption or drive failure resulting in data loss.

*Creating frequent backups can prevent data loss.

Think About Upgrading (RAM and SSD's)
If your computer is not as fast as you would like, memory (RAM) upgrades and Solid State Drives (SSD) are available to maximize performance. Solid State Drives can improve the storage performance and loading times of your computer significantly.

Keep Everything In Folders
Your desktop is a very fast and easy way of accessing important files but if you store too many files on the desktop (I.E singles pictures or music files) your computer will begin to lose performance. It is recommended to use folders to sort and organize your data.

Run Software Updates
It is recommended to keep your Apple computer or iOS device up to date with software updates. Software updates can repair known bugs and make your device more secure. Software updates also keep your web browsers up to date so that videos and websites continue to load correctly.

Clear Your Cookie Cache
While browsing the Internet your computer picks up tracking files called cookies. These help website owners keep track of its visitors interests. Cookies are harmless but can build up over time and slow down your web browsers performance. We recommended clearing your cookies at least once a month or if you are experiencing issues within your web browser.

Disable Startup Applications
Startup applications can slow or prevent a computer from working correctly. For best performance it is recommended to not launch applications automatically on startup. The "startup applications" can be modified in the system preferences.

Keep An Eye Out For Malicious Software
Although it is very rare for an Apple computer to be infected by a real virus, adware is relatively common. Most of this software is downloaded unknowingly and installed with the permission of the user. If you get a lot of pop-ups while browsing the web it is likely you have adware installed on your computer. Free easy to use programs exist to remove this bothersome software. Gatekeeper can be enabled in the system preferences of the computer to make it more difficult to install malicious software.

Dust Your Computer
Dust and debris buildup inside your computer can cause excess heat by limiting the effectiveness of the internal fan. Using compressed air to dust out the fan of the computer can be helpful in achieving optimum performance.

Keep Your Computer Clean
Dirt, dust, liquid and other substances can not only make your computers appearance suffer, they can potentially harm your hardware. Cleaning your computer with an approved electronics cleaner and a microfiber cloth will keep it looking fresh and assure that its optimum performance is achieved.

Protect your Power Supply 
Using a surge protected battery backup can prevent your computer from being damaged during a power outage. These units provide backup battery power to the computer in order to provide the time necessary to shut the computer down properly.