Mail-in repair instructions
(please read carefully)

As we are located in a rural community, Simply Macintosh offers mail-in repairs for Macintosh desktops and notebooks.

******Please review the Service Agreement form before mailing in your device.

Backing up your device before mailing it to us is strongly recommended

If you need data recovery or a backup in order to save your data during repair we can provide one starting at $149.

See Service Agreement Form for complete information.


Data recovery can range from $149 to $199 depending on the nature of the failure.


Simply Macintosh will always contact you with an estimate before performing additional labor or ordering parts.


There are 5 steps to prepare your device for its trip to our store

1. Completely fill out the Service Agreement Form.

2. Include a $55 deposit in the form of a check or money order. We will not begin working on your Out of Warranty device unless you have sent a deposit.

3. Prepare a detailed description of your device's issue. Please provide as much information as possible about the specific issue or issues that are occuring. (Please see example questions below)

4. Full contact information including: Full name, telephone number, email address and a physical address or PO box.

5. Include a return shipping label. Including a return shipping label will speed up your repair and save you money.


Questions to consider:

Is the computer damaged? Has it been dropped? Does it have liquid damage?

Does the problem occur all of the time or only intermittently?

How long does it take for the problem to occur?

How often does the problem occur?

Which applications are affected?


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