About us

We are a locally owned and operated

Apple Authorized Reseller and Service Provider. Located in Arcata California since 2000, we have successfully serviced over 28,000 Apple devices.


No appointment necessary, stop into our store and allow us to run a free 15 ~ 20 minute basic diagnostic (device must power on). We offer 5 minutes of free over the counter support, 10 minutes or more require a labor fee. We will make recommendations according to Apple diagnostic results and offer a free quote. We greatly appreciate your support which has allowed us to remain a locally owned business for two decades.


We sell all new Apple products as the same price as an Apple store and Apple.com. We offer services such as; one on one tutorials, password resets, adware removal, hard drive backups, memory (RAM) upgrades and much more. This makes Simply Macintosh Humboldt County's premier choice for all things Apple. Our team of certified Apple product professionals are prepared to help you with all your Apple devices.


Locally owned and operated means we pay our fair share of taxes. No billion dollar transactions, no hidden overseas accounts, we rely on the funding of our community to help us remain locally owned

Thanks to our community support in 2019, we collected over 8K in sales tax for the City of Arcata, and over 76K in sales tax for the State of California.

When you support local you support your community. Thank you!


We hire local community members as well as many Humboldt State University students who want to help their community progress with technology. We try our best to reduce our waste by being as efficient as we can be whenever possible. Arcata was one of the first cities to ban plastic bags, this pursuit for reducing waste has encouraged us to give away reusable Chico bags with every Apple device purchase. We care about the environment and helping our community members reduce waste as well. 


We are located on the beautiful Plaza in Arcata. Stop in during business hours and try before you buy and try out our demos, ask questions, or just check us out!

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